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Are You Paying Attention?

I have a patient who only comes in when he is in severe pain.  Over the years I knew when I saw him, he would only come until he was out of pain, until recently.

This year he has come in regularly.  He has been steady with his care and is now having his rate of visits reduced because his spine is so much more strong, stable and functional.

I was curious as to his change of approaching his health care; from coming in “with his hair on fire” to now building his spine to improve levels across the board.

So I asked him, “What made you start come in for regular care instead of pain care?”  His answer was simple and astounding!  He said, “I started paying attention!”

He started listening to his body.  He started respecting the symptoms his body was communicating to him.

He is happy and pleased with the relationship he now has with his body.  He has a bounce in his step.  He stands taller.  His outlook is brighter.

In my 42 years of practice I have people who have cared for their spine regularly.  I believe they would tell you it is worth the effort.  I know that this fella, who recently discovered prevention care, would encourage anybody and everybody that it is worth it.

Try “paying attention”.  You may find out is it worth it too!

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