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Why We Use the Dermathermograph

Dermathermograph in Johnson City

Our High-Tech Tool Means High Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Peeks relies on the objective measurements of the Dermathermograph to guide his patient care.

Derma = skin
Thermo = temperature
Graph = picture

He has helped thousands in the Johnson City area by using this high-tech instrument. It, along with years of experience, produces the solid results he’s become famous for.

Eliminating the Guesswork

We’re often asked, “Why are you measuring the skin temperature along my spine?”

It’s because your skin temperature is regulated by your autonomic nervous system. Fluctuations in skin temperatures along your spine can reveal the location of nervous system compromise.

This measurement takes the guesswork out of your care. It tells Dr. Peeks the condition of your nervous system on each visit. It guides his adjusting strategy and makes your chiropractic care more precise. And effective.

Nervous System Disconnect

On each visit, before your adjustments, Dr. Peeks will scan your entire spine—from your hips to your skull. If you’re subluxation-free, these temperature readings should be consistent. Dr. Peeks will be looking for temperatures ranging between 93°-94° Fahrenheit.

It surprises many that Dr. Peeks is actually looking for cold areas.

“Many people associate chiropractic care with a ‘hot low back,'” observes Dr. Peeks. “But I’m looking for colder areas. That alerts me to an interference in the nerve communications between the brain and body.”

An Accurate Snapshot

After adjusting the areas indicated by the scan, Dr. Peeks will measure the temperature along your spine again. By comparing these pre- and post-adjustment readings, he can see how your body is responding. It provides an accurate “snapshot” of the condition of your nervous system.

When we see improvement in the temperature readings, we get excited—and so do our patients!

Learn More Today

Our Johnson City area patients appreciate the precision of Dr. Peeks’ chiropractic adjustments. Guided by the Dermathermograph, Dr. Peeks helps many enjoy better health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Together, let’s explore what’s possible. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today. See if you’re a good candidate for today’s safe and natural chiropractic care. Take the first step toward better health now.


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