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Doing With "Intention"

By Dr. Edward Peeks
working in office table with computerRecently, a patient came in for a follow-up visit and found his testing was very positive and improved. After speaking with him for a moment, the patient replied, “I have been moving and working intentionally.”

That’s the key: Intention.

Whether it’s moving, standing, sitting, lifting, holding or computing, doing so with intention keeps us balanced and grounded. Better yet? This way of thinking can be readily applied to almost any and every aspect of our lives—think about how your relationships, diet and even spirituality could be improved with a little intention.

What is Intention?

So, how do you think with intention? Usually, when we do a task, we’re focused on how to do that task and not much else. Focusing on a task with intention involves thinking about how we’re doing the task. More so, whether or not how we’re doing it should be changed or improved to better the results.

Everyone, without exception, has a limited capacity and certain capability. In other words, we can only do so much for so long. However, when we only focus on the task (and I am talking about the routine tasks of life, not emergencies) we sacrifice ourselves to the completion of the task. And that is a mistake.

When we ‘do’ with intention, we recognize several factors.

  1. We do have limits.
  2. It is only part of our routine, not a ‘must do or die!’ duty.
  3. We are older than we have ever been (those under 35 will not concede that, everyone over 35 will, in varying degrees, say “Amen” and act accordingly).
  4. There is tomorrow (not talking about procrastination here folks; talking about knowing our limits and respecting them).

So, what did I tell the patient who visited us recently with improved testing?

“You’ve got it right–let’s all live intentionally.”

Let’s continue to participate, contribute and fulfill, but at a pace where we don’t have to pay the future price of pain, withdrawal and regret.

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