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Don't Give Up!

Pain is horrible.  But we must put one step ahead of the other and pursue improvement. The moment we give up, we start to lose. The moment we engage, we start to improve.

In my office, health is restored one office visit at a time.  That does not say that healing only occurs in my office.  What it does say is that function/health is progressive.  It just doesn’t return all at once.  It is attained by intention and action.  While it is natural for your body to heal, the process of healing has to have a conscious effort to initiate the process.

There has to be a plan.  All of these components are used in our spinal care. Restoration of the spine is essential for the body to fully heal.  The brain simply needs to have all of its messages to the body delivered intact and responded to.  That ‘circle’ of information translates into normal body function, a.k.a. health!

Want an action step?  Get your spine analyzed and corrected!

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