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Enduring Symptoms?

When you start to drink a cup of hot coffee or tea and feel the heat of the water registering on your lips do you just go ahead and drink the liquid or, sensing that it is too hot, you cool it down before you drink?

If you wait until it is tolerable you have listened to your body; avoided burning your lips, tongue and mouth and have successfully participated in the relationship you have with your brain and body.

By participating in this simple situation you have saved your body from having to do extensive tissue restoration and repair; and have saved yourself from feeling excruciating pain!

That exact same pain mechanism is at work in all other parts of your body. When you ignore a quiet nudge that you have a problem in your back or neck, a pain down your leg or your head aches, that is the body saying to you to stop and take steps to correct the problem and, if necessary, have the cause of the pain analyzed.  (You’ll know that your body is telling you that by your symptoms either increasing in volume or by persistence).

Chiropractic focuses on the restoration of function and assures that your brain and body are fully connected.  Because when you have full function, you do not have symptoms.

Enduring symptoms?  Your body is talking to you!  Are you listening?

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