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Goals for your care at Peeks Chiropractic

Chiropractic care allows your body to operate at it's full potential.We know that everyone’s spine, like fingerprints, are unique.  However, the goals we strive for, with each and every patient, have similarities.

The overall goals of our care are two fold…

One, get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Secondly, discover and eliminate the cause of the symptoms that brought you here.

We can break down our care into three categories:

·      the adjustment schedule

·      the in-office therapies

·      the out-of-the-office events


“Adjustments” are a Chiropractic term for correcting the faults found in the spine. After an analysis of your spine to find what vertebra are in trouble (and causing a disturbance of communication between your brain and your body), adjustments are made to those parts of the spine.

There are three phases or journeys for your vertebra. Initially we find them LOCKED.  Adjusting the vertebra UNLOCKS them to where and when they, with time and treatment, are made functional and STABLE.

GOALS:   Unlocking offending vertebra (there are always more than you think)

            Stabilizing those vertebra

            Re-establish communication between brain & body

            Establish a healing pattern 

            Improving the health and function of your spine


Therapies address the structures in and around the spine that support your framework, i.e., ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc.  These structures are important to your recovery because if they are weak, your spine will be weak.  When they are stronger, your spine will be stronger.

We have different therapies to attain different goals.  If you have trouble with muscle spasms, imbalance or weakness we will use Electrical Muscle Stimulation w/Hotpacks to reverse that situation.  If you are stiff and suffer with a reduction of joint motion, we will be placed on our Motion Roller Table.  If you find balance a problem or stability lacking, we will assign you a Swinger or J Board to improve and balance your core, low back and leg strength.

GOALS:  Strengthen support tissues

            Restore/improve balance

            Normalizing your movement & coordination


We’re calling them “events” because they could be spinal exercises, stretches, walking regimens that you do at home or in another facility.  These usually come after you have been under Dr. Peeks’ care for a while and he has determined the need.

GOALS:    Sustaining strength & balance

              Posture practice, practice, practice

              Preventing you from sliding back into bad habits

Our approach and procedures are unique so make sure you share with us exactly what you are looking to have accomplished.  Please remember…health is much more than the simple absence of symptoms.


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