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I Get Symptoms Too

A couple of Fridays ago I woke up with a fever blister.  My bottom lip was sore, tender and truly was a “blister”.

I knew that a fever blister is associated with the stomach.  So I went to a Chiropractor on Saturday and made mention that I wanted him to make sure he adjusted T6.

Now T6 (one of the vertebrae in between the shoulders) is the level of nerve distribution off the spinal cord for the stomach.  When he adjusted it, you could tell that it needed to be unlocked.  Of course, he adjusted other areas of my spine.

By noon the tenderness had gone from my bottom lip, and by the next day any evidence of that fever blister was gone.  This experience demonstrates at least two aspects of Chiropractic.

One, there are established nerve connections that start in the brain, continue through the spine and out specific levels to all parts and areas of the body.

Two, the Chiropractic adjustment ‘reconnects’ the normal, essential flow of messages to and from the brain that is essential for the healing and maintenance of all parts of the body.

Your body is a marvel.  It performs thousands of tasks daily; we just never know about those tasks until they are not performed properly.  It is at that time your body sends you a ‘message’.  That message is a conscious, uncomfortable SYMPTOM.

Making sure that all avenues of communication are open, between the brain and body enhances your body to work correctly, unconsciously and without the arrival of conscious symptoms.

When the body works correctly, it does so unconsciously.  When the body needs you to attend to it, it does so consciously.  It’s working properly; it’s not working properly.  Symptoms are not to be dismissed.  They are to be respected for the ‘message’ from your body that they are.  Fix the connection; lose the symptom.



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