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Ionic Detoxification in Johnson City

Who wouldn’t want a calmer, clearer mind, improved sleep patterns, better skin condition, reduced pain and greater energy levels? A vital component of regaining your health is taking a look at ways to cleanse, nourish and balance your body.

Cleansing Your Body

Iconic Detoxification with Dr. PeeksMost people in the U.S. are living in an acidic state, meaning that chemicals, heavy metal and tissue wastes are building up in the body. There’s an ever-increasing incidence of allergies, skin problems, undereye circles, swollen joints, and mental or physical incapacitations. These problems may indicate a buildup of wastes in the body.

Ionic detoxification can help by pulling toxin particles through the skin, by the array and the wrist band unwanted toxin particles leave the body through the 2000 pores you have on each foot.

The benefits of ionic detoxification at Peeks Chiropractic, P.C. include

  • Aids the body in neutralizing acid waste
  • Excretes waste products out of your body
  • Helps to regulate oxygen supply and nutrients to tissues
  • Revitalizes the cells in your body
  • Unblocks your bio-energy channels

How Often Should I Detoxify?

Every person is different. If you smoke, drink alcohol (or have used these substances in the past), eat fried foods, have high stress or low immunity, suffer from diabetes, hypertension, high blood sugar, arthritis or rheumatism, Dr. Peeks’ may recommend you detoxify regularly. We’ll be happy to discuss more specific recommendations with you after we have a full understanding of your needs and goals.

Is It Suitable for Me?

There are a few cases in which ionic detoxification may not be appropriate: if you have a pacemaker or other battery-powered or electrical device in your body, or are taking heartbeat-regulating medication. In addition, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and organ transplant recipients should not have ionic detoxification.

Pricing Information

You can choose to try ionic detoxification once, purchase a half-program to see how you progress or participate in a complete program. We ask that all charges are prepaid.

Single session: $25

Package of seven (half-program): $147 ($21 per session)

Package of Fourteen (full program): $266 ($19/session)

Contact us today to find out more about ionic detoxification in Johnson City!


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