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Is Just Treating Your Symptoms Good Enough?

Everyone has heard the old adage “Give me a fish and I’ll eat today.  Teach me to fish and I’ll eat the rest of my life.”  The application of this and Chiropractic is “Treat the symptoms and you always have symptoms to treat.  Fix the cause of the symptoms, and you’ll have function the rest of your life.”

The beauty of Chiropractic care is that we are not suckered into treating the end result of the loss of normal body function—symptoms!  Think about it…is there a time in your past when you didn’t have symptoms?  It is that loss of function that eventually will manifest itself in the form of symptoms.

Treat the symptoms>>>treat the end result.

Chiropractic_Treating the CAUSErather than chasing the SYMPTOMS.

Restore lost body function (restore  the brain and body connection  in the spinal column)>>>the body has been returned to working normally like it was before the symptoms every showed up!

If you are tired of treating symptoms and not the cause, call our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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