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Let's Talk Goals vs. Results

x-ray of the spineDo you know that getting rid of your symptoms is not a goal; it is a result?

Of course, when you have symptoms, you want not to have them. Typically, there are two ways to deal with symptoms. One is drugs. Everyone knows that drugs do work; they block your brain from feeling the pain wherever it is in your body. Second is the restoration of function. (Because when function is high, symptoms are low or non-existent.)

Transformation Through Reconnection

This transformation occurs by re-connecting the brain (which instructs every cell in your body how and when to function) and the cells, organs and systems of the body, which carry out the brain’s instructions giving you back your health!

Thus, getting rid of your symptoms is not a goal, but it is a result of having your body’s natural, normal function restored and maintained.

Medications Only Mask

Now, is there any shame in using drugs temporarily while the body is in crisis? Not at all, if you must. But the disconnection of the brain and body resulting in lost function has to be regained or else you are caught on the never-ending circle of drugs and pain. Drugs simply mask pain and can only be a temporary option.

Chiropractic Restores Function

Chiropractic is the only health care approach that intentionally and specifically restores the function of the spine and the body.

Why is function so important? Your life, habits, responsibilities, trips, goals, likes, hobbies, job, family, and daily living depend on it. Who wants to be crippled with pain (the constant reminder that you have a loss of function)?

If you want to not only get out of pain but improve your function, contact us today to book an appointment!

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