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I know, that’s a strange title. But it is true. I was raking piles of dirt from a foundation project and the bow rake, after an hour or so, snapped at the handle. Now, it was cold, the clay was clumped together and I was hitting the tines against the pile of dirt to shovel it to another location. Nevertheless, I have never broken a bow rake before and have never even heard of that happening.

The application? Repetition causes fatigue and possible failure. We use our bodies daily in our vocations, housework and hobbies. And quite frankly we probably don’t even think about the repetition of our activities (how we sit, stand, read a computer screen, bend over the sink, etc.)


That is what makes a regular, periodical spinal check-up so essential. With our technical, systematic analysis your spine can be “re-set” to remove the effects of repetition and restore normal function and the connection between the brain (which runs the body) and the body (which does the work the brain tells it to do).

Do you have repetition in your life? Spinal care will prevent “breakage”. You cannot go out and buy a new body like I have to go out and buy a new rake!

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