An Effective, Commonsense Approach to Health

Gilmer Chiropractic is a family-friendly practice that offers a unique approach to chiropractic wellness. Chiropractic is a commonsense approach to health. This form of natural health care is based on the body’s natural ability to maintain its health. Most people are amazed at how simple and effective treatments can be!

Here are some of the many benefits associated with this form of health care:

 -   Relieves pain
 -   Improves function
 -   Boosts the immune system
 -   Increases energy
 -   It’s drug-free and effective

Johnson City Chiropractor Dr. Gilmer has a strong commitment to improving the quality of his patients’ health. Chiropractic enhances the body’s ability to function naturally. A simple correction is all that’s needed to remove interference and restore function.

“We believe health is not just the absence of symptoms, but instead it is a measure of how well the brain and body function, together and independently.”

Dr. Gilmer takes an evidence-based approach to chiropractic care. In addition to providing a thorough exam at every visit, he also uses Digital X-rays, thermography and a thorough system of analysis. He takes that information to devise a specific, and customized care plan that addresses each patient’s particular condition.


Remove interference and restore function. It's that simple. When everything on the inside of our body is functioning properly, we are healthy.

When something on the inside isn't working properly, we start to have pain or symptoms. Those symptoms are the body's warning signal that lets us know when something is wrong. It's kind of like that "check engine" light that goes off on your dashboard when something's wrong with your car.  Chiropractic care helps to restore the normal function allowing your body to work properly, and in turn those symptoms begin to disappear.


"The beauty of chiropractic is that it's designed to restore proper function. Once the function is restored, the pain (or check engine light) goes away, and then the body begins to heal itself."



It's no secret that chiropractic addresses pain effectively. The benefits don't stop there, though. Chiropractic was developed to reduce the effects that spinal dysfunction can have on the nervous system. Such dysfunction can disrupt the proper communication between the brain and the body. To maintain overall health, both must communicate clearly allowing the body to be healthier and allowing you to feel better.

Here is a list of common conditions that often improve with chiropractic care:

Pregnancy Aches and Pains
Multiple Sclerosis
Ear Infections
Hearing Loss
Herniated or Bulging Disc
High Blood Pressure
Numbness in Extremities
Muscle Weakness
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Shoulder Pain
Menstruation Issues
Bed Wetting
Hip Pain

From newborns to those in their 90s and beyond, patients of all ages are welcome at Gilmer Chiropractic. Discover the difference that chiropractic care could make for you. Book an appointment with our Chiropractor in Johnson City today!


    Customer For Life

    Dr. Gilmer is an excellent doctor. Very patient centered and knowledgeable, plus he's willing to help educate you as a client-something most doctors won't spend the time doing. I went to him with sciatica pain and after 2 visits my pain level is more than cut in half, he's got a customer for life.

    - Terra S.

    Feeling Better

    Such a great staff! Dr. Gilmer got me feeling better in no time. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and so easy to work with. 5 star review, Would Highly Recommend!

    - Nikki W.

    Cheerful Staff

    Very cheerful staff! The chiropractor explained everything well and even though I've only had a few appointments, I think this will help eliminate the pain I've been experiencing.

    - Beth K.

    Friendly and Concerned

    Very nice and very friendly. Treated you as a friend, not a patient. Always a friendly hello when you walk in. Concerned about your pain.

    - Lavoughn H.

    Feeling Much Better

    The staff is so friendly and make you feel listened to and that they care about your treatment. The treatments are effective and all concerns are addressed. I always leave feeling much better!

    - Laura M.

    Wish I had visited sooner!

    I have only been two times so far but I can tell a big difference. The pain was so bad in my back for so long that after my first visit with Dr Gilmer I felt so much better. I wished I would have visited him sooner. He and his staff is very friendly and the office just has a good atmosphere.

    - Shelia S.

    Feeling very blessed!

    Fantastic experiences so far with Dr Gilmer, Jen and all the office staff! Feeling very blessed for being referred by a friend!

    - Gary G.

    Excellent Job

    Gilmer Chiropractic has done an excellent job with listening to my concerns and quickly providing great care. Very professional and trust worthy business. Will definitely be recommending this practice!

    - Fungbeh K.

    So pleased

    You all made the experience easy and comfortable. Dr Gilmer explained everything well and let me know what to expect. Very helpful.

    - Katherine H.

    Can not say enough good things about this whole office!

    Thank you so much for getting me in quickly, and taking such amazing care of me. You don’t get to see people on their best day when they are hurting and you all made all the difference in my quick recovery and getting me back to normal fast paced mom life!

    - Sam T.

    Excellent Experience

    Excellent experience. Beautiful facility with friendly and caring staff. Very thorough exam, and excellent treatment. I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain that I rated 7/10 upon my first visit. After 3 treatments I now have no pain! Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

    - Leigh Ann

    Best Method

    I have had a diagnosis of scoliosis for 16 years, an have visited several local chiropractors with several different methods. I have found that the method & technology used by Dr. Gilmer is best for me. He can pinpoint the problem areas when discomfort & pain flares up. The results are evident when I am constantly picking up our two young kids. The adjustments are painless and are necessary for me to perform my day-to-day activities. If you suffer from pain & discomfort, definitely see Dr. Gilmer and get your health back.

    - Rhonda

    Felt Immediate Relief

    I came to Dr. Gilmer with a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. I was unable to lift my shoulder over my head or put it behind me. Sleeping at night was not comfortable. I was unable to sleep on the side of my injured shoulder. My first visit and adjustment from Dr. Gilmer was unbelievable. I felt immediate relief of pain an stiffness. Thank you Dr. Gilmer, I am no longer feeling any pain or discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Gilmer to anyone that is having any problems. He is a fine Christian man and will not have you come in unnecessarily.

    – Stacey M.

    Very Thankful

    This office is amazing, and these people are so nice. You’ll be glad you came. Plus Dr. Gilmer explained everything to me. He isn’t pushy just thoughtful and caring. I feel good all the time, and I am very thankful to him.

    - Verified Patient

    Great Improvement

    I was having constant pain in my lower back. After going to Dr. Gilmer, my problem has greatly improved. He has a compassionate heart for helping others.

    - Helen

    Highly Recommend

    Dr. Gilmer was such a blessing. He really helped my neck. After he adjusted me I felt so much better – I was back to myself and could sleep again. He is such a sweet gentleman, and I highly recommend him!

    – Sue

    Very Thorough

    Since moving to the area, I have struggled to find a chiropractor that fit my needs. After one visit to Dr. Gilmer, I knew I had found what I was looking for. He did a very thorough first examination which made me feel confident in moving forward with adjustments. Unlike other chiropractors I have seen, Dr. Gilmer only does adjustments when they are necessary and I really value his honesty in that regard. He is thorough at every visit, asking questions and really listening to my responses. He also provides very detailed explanations of what needs to be done to fix it. I have really benefited from seeing him and would recommend him to anyone.

    - Sara

    Improving Daily

    I cannot say enough about Dr. Gilmer. I have to say that I was upset when Dr. Peeks told me that he was retiring. But when he told me that Dr. Gilmer was his chiropractor I relaxed a little. Dr. Peeks and Dr. Gilmer made the transition very easy.  As a veteran I tend to be a little skittish, but Dr. Peeks and Dr. Gilmer understand veterans and I am very grateful! My first appointment alone with Dr. Gilmer immediately relieved my fears as he was gentle, caring, knowledgeable and very successful! At 67 I did not expect to be regaining my health, but under Dr. Gilmer's care I am improving daily. And his wife Jennifer is very sweet, caring, attentive and always cheerful! They are an amazing team! Dr. Peeks and Sherry did extremely well in choosing Dr. Gilmer and Jen! I am a very grateful and lucky woman!

    - Kay H.

    I Plan on Being a Long Time Client

    You guys have no idea how happy I was when I found out Dr Gilmer had taken over this practice! He has been the only chiropractic provider that helped me in the past. I plan on being a long time client!

    - Richie W.

    First Rate Experience

    Everything about my experience with Dr. Gilmer has been first rate. He listens to you, explains what he is doing and will let you know what the expectations are. I appreciate his openness, honesty, and true concern for his patients. The staff is very friendly, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Gilmer and his staff.

    – Gary E.

    Caring & Concerned

    Everyone is very helpful and concerned about doing all they can to help and trying to help!! The staff is very personable, and Dr. Gilmer does everything he can to explain everything so you can understand what’s wrong in terms you can understand, and gives you a plan of care you can understand. He doesn’t throw a ton of medical terms at you that you can’t even look up because you can’t even spell them. Wonderful practice, with wonderful caring team of people!!

    - John K.

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